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The Sanctuary T-eam cordially invites you to Bring Your Own Tea wherever you go! 

Our handy travel sized tea kits are designed to easily fit in your purse, gym bag, carry-on, or pocket so you can enjoy your favorite Sanctuary T blend anytime, anywhere. Just add a couple pinches to one of the included tea bags or use with our T to Go Tumbler. It's as easy as 1, 2, T!

  • 1. fillfill

    Fill tea bag or steeper with 2 pinches of
    tea from your BYOT pouch

  • 2. pourpour

    Pour a cup of hot water. Refer to
    chart for water temp.

  • 3. Steepsteep

    Steep and enjoy! Refer to chart for
    steep time.


Choose from 10 of our all-natural loose leaf blends that are so good you will smile! Each package includes ten servings of loose leaf tea and 10 biodegradable easy-steeping tea bags.

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Sip premium loose leaf tea when and where you want it today.

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