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Need a delicious addition of Sanctuary T flavors to your meal? Sprinkle any of the following T-Dust seasonings to your favorite dish today.

Smoky Black

As seen in the New York Times, our Smoky Black T-Dust is the acclaimed way to add a delicious smoked flavor to your dish without using chemicals or artificial additives. The ancient Chinese process of creating smoked tea, or Lapsang Souchong, is what gives this all-natural seasoning its rich flavor. Great for use as a steak rub or to give poultry and savory dishes a fresh-off-the-grill taste every time.

Chili Pepper Rooibos

Our Chili Pepper Rooibos T-Dust tempers the heat of Southwestern spice with the earthy taste of South African rooibos for an intriguing blend that will wake up any recipe. The nutty flavor of rooibos tea adds a subtle undertone to this chili pepper and spice seasoning. Try it with fruit salad or a light seafood dish.

Tahitian Green

Take your taste buds on a Tahitian vacation with our unique seasoning inspired by the coastal beauty of the South Pacific. The freshness of green tea is tempered by hints of ginger and coconut for a spicy finish. Try it with grilled seafood for a satisfying island escape.


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